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The Story of You

What takes your breath away, fills you with delight, grabs your curiosity? Why do you flinch at certain words or become defensive when certain topics come up?
What brings you joy? What pulls you back time and again as a thread in your life?
I romanticise some life events and gloss over or embellish others, so do you. I give certain experiences power and can pinpoint the trauma that has lodged in my body and affects the way I carry myself in the world. I can track my progress towards knowing who I am and what I want by the impact of formative events.

I have also learnt how to tell when I’m stuck in a storyline or when a truth needs challenging. Or, when I’m reacting in ways that need curiosity, softness and investigation. Truth telling is powerful. Knowing ourselves and when we’re not being authentic can be the beginning of forward motion in our lives and breaking through in the places where we’re stuck. This is true for our relationships, our jobs, our physical and emotional healing.

This course is in development. Let me know here if you’d like me to get in touch when it’s available. It’ll take the form of videos, writing tools and activities, narrative therapy exercises for understanding and healing, and will leave you with greater self-awareness and confidence with decision making.

Download 'Melancholy': an excerpt from "The Sentimental Non-Believer."

Melancholy is a reflection on the way Easter used to feel and how it feels now.