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The Resurrection of You

What does the word resurrection mean to you?

Is it loaded or can you reclaim it? What have you come alive to?

Leaving church and / or God is often one of the most painful things we can go through.

But there is life, freedom and relief to be found on the other side.

I have come alive in so many ways. I feel free. New.

I have settled into myself.

I no longer have to moderate thoughts, behaviours and reactions in fear of getting them wrong. Turns out I can trust myself.

I can make my own decisions.

I am free from saviourism.

I am free of a system that manipulated and lied, hurt and controlled people, acted as though they / we were the problem, gaslit and postured in self protection. All for the kingdom.

It’s wobbly at times when we first leave but doesn’t take long until we can run!

I love hearing clients talking about dancing in the rain, a little bit tipsy. Trying things they would never have given themselves permission to before.

I love hearing about the sexual freedom, the acknowledgement of who they are. A client told me through tears she now believes God created her, with her attraction to women and finds such joy in that.

There’s the joy of Sunday brunch. The discovery of coffee for my ex Mormon clients!

I can connect with the cycle of death and resurrection as part of life, as a metaphor.

I can resonate with the life and way of Jesus without opening myself up to the violence and trauma of the cross. Without needing to feel guilt and deep shame that I put him there.

There is richness I have taken with me from Christianity it’s my mother tongue.

But there’s freedom to be found in coming alive to who I have always been, apart from it.

You can be free.

I’d love to connect with you if you’re processing all of this. It took me years without a guide.

Go gently.

If you’re struggling with the impact of religious trauma or high control religion, reach out. I see clients online Australia wide & in Marrickville in-person.

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