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The Mindful Pause

Why I’m still talking about Mindfulness

That pause between stimulus and response – Mindfulness. The awareness of what you’re feeling in your body – Mindfulness. Being present with the person in front of you and actively listening – Mindfulness. Supporting your body with nutritious food and movement – done Mindfully can be healing not punishing.

The evidence base for Mindfulness puts it at the heart of us being ok. Every process we go through to grow to navigate anxiety and regulate emotions, the way we understand the impact of trauma and stress on our bodies and the way we interact with our loved ones and parent our kids – can be supported through Mindfulness.

It’s like the gateway to what we do next.

Mindfulness helps us speak and respond with intention rather than unconscious reactions. It helps us with conscious awareness of how we’re thinking and feeling so that we can work on areas in our lives that may be tripping us up.

The first step is knowing; how do I feel about X?

Where do I feel X in my body?

Is it like panic or heaviness?

Is it light and freeing?

What are my triggers? How do I know I’m being triggered?

Once we know what is right for us in relationship to others, to food, to things that we value – once we can mindfully locate how we feel in our bodies – we’re able to move towards that rightness and take steps that support our growth.

I’d love to work with you on healing and growing Mindfully. You can get in touch here to make a time.

What’s one Mindful action you can take today towards how you’d like to feel?

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