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Trauma-Informed Aid & Development

Learn the elements of being trauma-informed, including, importantly, ways to care for your own emotional health. Grounded is permission to look inward and outward. To tend to yourself and the work that’s yours to do.

On being Grounded:

I worked in Aid & Development for nearly 17 years. When I started out, and in the years since, I would’ve loved a guide like this to help me navigate my own reactions and exhaustion, to understand the causes of my reactivity. And, in turn, to learn how to work in trauma-informed ways with global partners and my teams.

I didn’t have language to describe vicarious trauma and didn’t think I had anything to complain about. I wish I’d had eyes to see the inherent imbalances in the sector, the power dynamics that don’t serve us and ways to do things differently. And oh how I would have loved the tools for grounding and emotional regulation I have now!

The work matters and your wellbeing matters. Both things are true. We need you present and awake. You are made for the same flourishing you seek for the communities you serve.


Who is Grounded for?

About the Course

Grounded is an online course with 6 modules that can be completed alone, or with your team. It’s about understanding trauma and the Science of Safety, working with partners in trauma-informed ways, and embodied tools for tending to ourselves, our own reactivity and grounding.


  1. Trauma-Informed
  2. The Science of Safety
  3. Inward
  4. Outward
  5. Global
  6. Grounded

Things to know:

Online Course - $179.00

Download 'Melancholy': an excerpt from "The Sentimental Non-Believer."

Melancholy is a reflection on the way Easter used to feel and how it feels now.