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Easter Melancholy

I wrote my story of leaving faith a few years ago. It’s called “The Sentimental Non-Believer.” There’s a chapter called ‘Melancholy’ and in the lead up to Easter you can download it here.

I wrote ‘Melancholy’ over Easter that year as I realised I hadn’t felt the heaviness that usually accompanied the anticipation of this key event in the Christian calendar.

It’s a recount of the tenderness I used to feel at Easter time, the pain and grief of what I lost and the shift towards new life.

If you’ve left faith and / or church I’d love to hear how this time of year sits with you now.

There are no good or bad feelings and responses, just how we feel and respond. These give us such good information about what’s going on.

And if religious trauma hasn’t been your experience, perhaps this is a lonely weekend or one loaded for other reasons.

Choose yourself this Easter, check in with your body & soul for what you need and see if you can offer that.

Time, beautiful food, a long walk, some space to read and reflect.

If you’re struggling with the impact of religious trauma or high control religion, reach out. I see clients online Australia wide & in Marrickville in-person.

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Download 'Melancholy': an excerpt from "The Sentimental Non-Believer."

Melancholy is a reflection on the way Easter used to feel and how it feels now.