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Christmas & Religious Trauma

Christmas can be a lot when you’re experiencing and healing from religious trauma.

We experience heightened emotions, fear, anxiety and the weight of people’s expectations.

Triggers can be more intense, from carols in the supermarket to painful memories associated with church or harmful practices and beliefs.

Loneliness, inner conflict and questioning can surface, it can be isolating.

Put your hand on your heart.

Take a deep breath into your belly

You are not alone

You are good, your body is good, you have always only ever been good.

I see your conflict, loneliness and grief.

Take care of your own spirituality in new, nourishing ways, create new rituals.

Connect with trusted others.

Have some tools ready, remove yourself from the room, take some deep breaths with longer exhales.

Put a limit on how much time you spend with people.

💙 Set realistic expectations. It’s just a few days. Take the pressure off.
💙 Create your own meaningful rituals. Make some beautiful food with love, light a candle, set aside 15mins for creative writing
💙 Remind yourself you matter, you are worthy of love and belonging.
💙 Boundaries are for you. If others react, leave them to their feelings and reactions. You don’t need to tell anyone why you weren’t in church or why things are different for you now.
💙 Move your body, do anything that gets your heart rate up.

And if you need support, get in touch. I’m working until Dec 22 and back on Jan 2.

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