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Jane Kennedy Counselling & Psychotherapy is the space I’ve created to support you as you heal, grow and learn. Being brave with a trusted listener can help us process life’s challenges and move through the strong emotions that can make us feel like the ground is giving way. 

I’ve spent most of my career working in the International Aid and Development sector. I’ve loved making connections across cultures and having my perspective challenged. I wasn’t prepared though for the vicarious trauma and the impact of working in a frenetic sector. It was a steep learning curve to acknowledge my limitations and address burn out. Also, I couldn’t fix it all and my role should always have been to accompany people on their own journey towards a meaningful life. 

So the transition to counselling and psychotherapy felt seamless in this way. My role is to guide, come alongside and support you in your unique path to healing and wholeness.

I’ve navigated a challenging childhood, lived decades within a fundamentalist religious worldview, found peace outside of this and settled into myself as someone innately deserving of love and belonging. 

I’m so interested in people’s stories, what has formed us and shaped us. I’d love to hear yours and reflect back to you your resilience, courage and groundedness.

From August 2023, I’ll be seeing clients online. Until then I’ll be completing my Master’s placement and co-hosting retreats. I also offer online courses for you to take your time to read, hear my story and other collective wisdom, and engage with creative tools for self-guided development. 

I’m excited about this new chapter and looking forward to connecting with you,



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