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The Resurrection of You

What does the word resurrection mean to you?

Is it loaded or can you reclaim it? What have you come alive to?

Leaving church and / or God is often one of the most painful things we can go through.

But there is life, freedom and relief to be found on the other side.

I have come alive in so many ways. I feel free. New.

I have settled into myself.

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Easter & a New Spirituality

We cycle through phases of grief and healing when we’ve experienced religious trauma. Easter brings us face to face with where we are in that cycle and if we’re paying attention, our bodies will tell us what we need next. As I’ve healed from the pain of leaving church and

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Easter Aches

We’re a week out, and if like I used to, you’re feeling heavy in anticipation of what Easter represents, you’re not alone. There’s a chapter of my ebook, Melancholy, that you can download here, that follows my journey from grief and the ache of Easter to ease and contentment. I

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Easter Melancholy

I wrote my story of leaving faith a few years ago. It’s called “The Sentimental Non-Believer.” There’s a chapter called ‘Melancholy’ and in the lead up to Easter you can download it here. I wrote ‘Melancholy’ over Easter that year as I realised I hadn’t felt the heaviness that usually

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I can’t find peace till it burns.

We so often believe and are taught that anger is unhealthy and needs to be managed and suppressed. But anger is human and is good information. If we’re not used to feeling it, we can mistake it for rage and think we’re going too far when really we’re testing out what it could feel like to express what we need and speak up when we’ve been hurt.

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The Rhythms of Grief

My humanity pulls me toward grief, I am heartbroken at the suffering I see and am forcing myself to witness. I tend to my own trauma stewardship so I can enlarge my capacity to feel it and bear it with the global community.

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Religious Trauma & Beauty

I’ve become a beauty chaser since leaving organised religion.
I’ve realised it’s where I feel God/god/the ground of all being/the energy of every living thing.
It makes me feel held.
Part of something bigger than me.
A sunset can hold my gratitude and joy, the ocean the waves of my pain, the grass beneath my feet makes me feel grounded.
Beautiful music, gorgeous fresh produce, flowers and colour all make feel centred, rested, peaceful.
They make me smile.

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Religious Trauma & The Breath

We used to refer to the Holy Spirit as the breath of God, we’d say he (so jarring for me to use ‘he’ these days) was closer than our breath. We also learned that meditation and breath work were dangerous, slippery slopes away from truth and could open us up

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Download 'Melancholy': an excerpt from "The Sentimental Non-Believer."

Melancholy is a reflection on the way Easter used to feel and how it feels now.