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Being brave with a trusted listener can help us process life’s challenges and move through the strong emotions that can make us feel like the ground is giving way.

I’d love to support you to heal, grow and learn. I see clients in-person in Marrickville and offer online sessions for clients Australia wide. You can get in touch here to make a counselling appointment or here if you’d like a free 15 minute intro call. 

No matter where our stories have taken us, we all just want to be ok, to feel like we can cope, find connection and meaning. Counselling and psychotherapy has been a powerful guide for me in this way. My role is to offer that to you too.

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You can read my e-book on leaving religious fundamentalism, The Sentimental Non-Believer, here, or my blog on leaving a career in the International Aid sector, here.

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Online Courses

What I wish my therapist knew about religious trauma cover page

What I wish my therapist knew about Religious Trauma

This mini-course is designed to broaden your understanding of religious trauma, spiritual abuse, and painful experiences in high-demand church and religious settings.

Freedom from Religious Trauma

Freedom from Religious Trauma is the course I needed when my faith started to unravel and I lost my confidence in church.
Ground Course Cover Image


Trauma-Informed Aid & Development

Grounded is the course I needed when I started out in the International Aid sector & in the years since. It’s my offering back to the sector.​

Counselling & Psychotherapy

Counselling is a form of talk therapy that allows you to talk freely about areas in your life where you are feeling stuck or in pain. It’s a guided, safe and confidential space.

Sometimes talk therapy is enough, other times incorporating psychotherapy tools such as intentional movements or, “somatics”, mindfulness and writing, are a powerful way to heal your nervous system and experience a shift. We can talk about these options together.   

Healing the nervous system, including embodiment exercises working on the mind-body connection have been transformative for many of my clients and for me in my own healing. I’m an integrative therapist; as well as the above, I love Narrative Therapy and also work with Trauma-Focussed Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) tools. 

I’m a member of the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) which describes counsellors as ‘professionals who provide clinical treatment through evidence-based psychological interventions.‘ 

That may sound lofty, but in essence, my approach is person centred and my role is to come alongside and support you to grow and heal. 


In-Person & Online/Telehealth

Each session is 60 minutes
$ 159
  • Confidential & Safe Space
  • Marrickville In-Person
  • Australia/NZ-Wide Online


The Sentimental Non-believer cover page

The Sentimental Non-Believer

The Sentimental Non-Believer is my story of a life of faith, the lament of religious trauma, the disillusionment that can set in when the ground gives way beneath us. It’s about loving and leaving God. Spoiler alert, it has a beautiful ending.

Download 'Melancholy': an excerpt from "The Sentimental Non-Believer."

Melancholy is a reflection on the way Easter used to feel and how it feels now.